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Constructing or purchasing a building can be a daunting task for any 
company or individual.


And, what if you’re not located in the same city as your prospective project? The pressure can be enormous. Who’s going to be protecting your best interests….at all times? Who will know what is happening on your site, and how your money is being spent?


Look no further - Meridian Construction & Development is that trusted eye for you, 
with the solutions you are looking for.

Click to download a PDF of our Services Overview

Meridian Construction & Development will come to you…anytime, anywhere. We manage your project to guarantee real-time information with our 24-hour web-based Internet project management system. From initial consultation through completion, we provide solutions for your specific challenges. Ask us What We Can Do For You.

Refer to the list on the next page, or call Meridian Construction & Development today for a detailed discussion about our services. We protect your investment and construction dollars because we understand the value of your time, the nature of overhead and the reality of change. 

Meridian Construction & Development

LEED Accredited Professionals
Stewards of our Environment
U.S. Green Building Council Leaders

We transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy and prosperous quality of life to grow and thrive.

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