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Meridian Constructs New Federal Government Building in Gainesville, Florida

With over 30 years in the construction industry, versatility is key for Meridian Construction & Development to stay at the top of our game. Our headquarters is located in Southwest Florida area, but we enjoy putting the Meridian touch on projects in other places as well.

Recently we were able to help build a new federal government building in Gainesville, Florida. Having a Meridian-made building far from our base of operations is an exciting opportunity, and our team worked hard to deliver a building that met our client's needs.

Communication is important when going through the consulting and building process. In order to create our clients’ vision, we at Meridian work hard to keep our clients updated on all aspects of the construction project. From costs, designs, and schedules we keep our clients in the know of our progression.

Our finished product was a modern building design that matched our client’s vision perfectly. Another great aspect was the beautiful greenery that surrounded our building to create some natural scenery for the federal employees to enjoy.

Opportunities to take on projects in other areas don’t always come around often, but no matter the business, distance, or location Meridian will stay true to delivering quality consultations and project management at a higher standard.

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